- カーアクセサリー カスタマイズ -

当社は世界的なオリジナル自動車部品サプライヤー(OEM)やメーカーと提携しています。 高度な設備と高品質の材料を使用し、OEMの性能、品質、適合性を備えたカスタマイズ製品を提供しています。当社のプロセスは、あらゆるカスタマイズアクセサリーのご要望にお応えできます。 設計・開発から、工場調達、生産、出荷、通関、最終納品までお任せください。



各種類とカスタマイズのカーボンファイバー製品が選べます ドライカーボン カスタアイズカーラー カーボンラッピング カーボンリペア


鋳造 / フローフォーム / 鍛造

潤滑油 / 添加剤 / 付属品

エンジン / フィウエル / トランスミッション / ギア / ブレーキ

- 輸 出 入 、 取 引 -


現在、当社の部品販売網は80カ国以上をカバーしており、 主な市場は:アメリカ、イタリア、ドイツ、中国、日本、台湾、シンガポールです。


新車、中古車、クラシック・アンティーク・カー、 組み立て式キットカーなど、車両の調達・買付から 税関申告まで行います。 経験と知識を駆使して、愛好家や個人のお客様が夢 の車を手に入れるお手伝いをしています。


オリジナルの高品質な各種交換部品や改造部品の卸売、 供給、買付に力を入れています。高品質のオリジナルOEM部品やOEM交換部品、 消耗品の調達を行います。

- 製 品 研 究 開 発 -









Workshop Technicians

Parts Personnel

Warranty Administrator


Body & Paint Technicians

Paint less Dent Removal Technicians

Alloy Wheel Repair Technicians

Car Washing / Delivery Staff

Staff Placement Services

Our service allows your team to fine tune their expertise on tasks that maintain the daily focus of the business.
We recruit and manage all aspects of the service staffing’s requirements, staff will be ready to be placed in any related positions based on your needs.
Highly specialized talent selection process bringing overall quality to your service organization

One simple rate covers all costs pertaining to the operation such as:

Payroll Cost, Salary, Hourly

Housing support & Visa required

Recruitment and Talent Selection


Training and Development

Uniform Clothing and Equipment

Scheduling & Staff Management

Optimize Processes

Productivity Team / Car Detailing Staff / Vehicle Delivery

Many Dealerships are STILL using Service Techs and Advisors to greet customers, stage cars, wash cars and other, similar tasks.
With the average Labor Retail value of Service Techs and advisers over $100 per hour, a Franchise Auto Dealer can incur losses of over $20,000 per month in “lost” Technician and Advisor time,  as well as lose dozens of service customers due to overcrowded and disorganized Service Drives

$20,000 per month in “lost” Technician and Advisor time

We Have the Solution for Your Car Washing Needs

Our highly efficient onsite specialist team will ensure that all of the cleanliness items are finalized prior to presenting the vehicle to your customer. All customer vehicles will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but attention to slightest details will exceed expectations.Our detail specialist will effectively handle dealer service vehicles or sales – demo cars regardless of volume with a timely and well organized system. Each vehicle is inspected by our specialist prior to being delivered to your customer

Increase Workshop Productivity

Increase Labor & Parts Sales

Reduce Staff Overtime Cost

Reduce Overhead Spending


Established in 2019. iiQe is an Automotive Business Solutions agency based in Tokyo, Japan, our focus exclusively on all aspects of after-sales business.

Our dealer consultancy began in 2010. Not only as a company, but a network of automotive professionals all across the globe from the biggest automotive markets providing practical solutions to drive your after-sales business.

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